About Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith is an Associate Professor of Educational Technology in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Texas State University. Her research interests focus on technology integration strategies within K–12 and post-secondary learning environments. As a former secondary art and technology teacher, she is particularly interested in exploring how the hands-on use of design-based technologies (e.g. “making” and “makerspaces”, digital fabrication, 3D modeling and printing, computer programming, and robotics) can impact multidisciplinary learning that transcends traditional content contexts. Through her mobile makerspace intiative, The MAKE Lab, she is currently researching how recurring experiences with these design-based technologies impact visual spatial skills, self-efficacy, and positive attitudes toward failure (e.g. persistence in the face of obstacles; reconceptualization of failure as a paradigm for creative learning) with teachers and K–12 students. These concepts are also part of her research as Co-Director of Bobcat Made, which is the collaborative university makerspace located in ASBN 214.

PHONE: 512-245-4377
EMAIL: shaunna_smith@txstate.edu
TWITTER: @ShaunnaSmith365

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